About Us

Combining Ancient and Modern Medicine

 The system I've developed over 30 years of practice, recognizes that we are electrical beings; that there are positive and negative ions in every cell and tissue of the human body and these ions create an action potential that is necessary for every chemical reaction our bodies will ever make. Working with and through the Body Electric we relearn and 

re-member how to Regulate, Adapt and Regenerate. ​

The old mechanical paradigm of looking at the person like a car with parts that need to be fixed, removed or replaced is 20th century thinking. The new medical model seeks ways to recover healthy functions, improve communication of all systems, reconnect us with our true selves, realign us with natural laws, and enable our innate healing.

Empowering You to Vital Health!

Most of us spend years learning how to be comfortable in our own skin, while we build a personality, and learn to express our unique style. It is often a struggle to know ourselves; to know our strengths and our weaknesses, our talents and gifts and challenges. We are regularly compared to others and influenced by the expectations, judgments, and “shoulds” of our parents, teachers, peers and cultural meliu. We try to make ourselves into what we think we should be, try to fit into an acceptable pattern that is like-able and love- able. Layers of influence and judgments obscure our individual natures. We introject them until they become our own self judgments. This leads to confusion and stress as all the voices in our tissues overpower our true inner voice. Working together, we weed out what isn't us and the stress naturally dissolves. We learn to stop blaming ourselves for who we are and find new ways of doing with less effort, less pain. We learn to get out of our own way and become our most authentic self!

In Harmony with Nature

The Cycles of Nature have been observed and associations made for the flow of life in a spiral from beginning to end. From winter’s dormant hibernation, the Water, pre- birth and the night, holding the seed of potential, through spring’s unfoldment, the Wood, morning, birth and childhood, into the luxurious expansion of summer, Fire, noon and our early 20’s exploration of relationships and communication, into late summer’s ripeness and abundance, the Earth, afternoon and middle age. Into the autumn of the year, the Metal, early evening and conserving our strength and refining the details of our lives. Letting go once more into Water, consolidating our gains and developing wisdom from our experience. The patterns of life through a day, a year, a life. Patterns we are predisposed to embody through our inherited and acquired Qi.

Come explore your constitutional strengths and weaknesses.