Welcome to Acupuncture Energetics at The Wellspring Valley

Welcome to Acupuncture Energetics at The Wellspring Valley

Welcome to Acupuncture Energetics at The Wellspring ValleyWelcome to Acupuncture Energetics at The Wellspring ValleyWelcome to Acupuncture Energetics at The Wellspring Valley


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

About Us

Guiding Principles


 Acupuncture Energetics is a Dynamic Synergy of therapeutic modalities, which compliment each other, enhance the healing process, and connect us with nature as a whole system. 

  • While regular medicine is great for life threatening traumas, it often falls short with chronic issues, only treating symptoms, not the underlying causes. Functional Medicine is becoming more popular as it places emphasis on the whole person, both for evaluation and healing. It recognizes the inter-dependence of all parts and systems, and can follow the trail to uncover the hidden causes. 

Ancient and Modern Wisdom


  • Christine Simmons, L.Ac, M.Ac. uses Functional Medicine, which is a combination of ancient techniques, including acupuncture, with the latest scientific technological advancements. This includes modern acupuncture techniques (for eg: Auricular Medicine), cold laser, micro-frequencies, herbal, nutritional and detox protocols along with Pulsating ElectroMagnetic Therapy (PEMF). These therapeutic modalities encourage our bodies to communicate from system to system, increasing awareness and wisdom, which brings together mind, body, emotions and spirit in a trusting whole and teaches us how to Regulate, Adapt and Regenerate. ​

The Time Is Now!


We are the ones we've been waiting for. Change begins within and ripples out to the world around us. Here at the Wellspring Valley we are dedicated to educate and provide a sanctuary for like-minded people to come together to do our personal work and also as community to support and enhance each other and the world around us to grow and become our greatest potential.

  • Learn how to create ceremonial sacred space where healing is instantaneous and inner knowing exists.
  • Nexus Yoga and Movement Studio and Galleries


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Acupuncture Energetics

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Modern research has given us insight as to the mechanics of Acupuncture points and meridians. We learn in High School Science classes that we are electrical beings; that there are positive and negative ions in every cell and tissue of the human body and these ions create an action potential that is necessary for every chemical reaction our bodies will ever make. These low-voltage micro-frequencies created by the exchange of positive and negative ions are responsible for cellular communication, nerve conduction and hormonal regulation of the endocrine system. The nerve receptors tell the endocrine system what to do. The endocrine system is responsible for releasing the proper hormones or chemical substances that regulate body functions. The acupuncture points run the course of these nerve vessels, and can be used to detect a problem in the electrical system and redirect the flow using pressure, or more effectively, an acupuncture needle.


Check out this video on electroporation mesotherapy. I use a different product line, but this is a nice description.